Carrier Optimization

"You would be hard-pressed to get a more professional, accurate service provider for your dollar." - Andy Elkin, Production Control Manager, Toyotetsu, Inc.

For each shipment, we find the “best fit” from the entire carrier pool. This must include qualification, rate and capacity, but often also includes past performance and many other factors.

Many companies use very basic carrier selection criteria that fails to consider all relevant factors, constraints, and available options. Thus, they often make suboptimal sourcing decisions which result in unnecessary cost and risk.

In addition to cost considerations (e.g. base tariffs, fuel surcharge, accessorial fees, and minimum charges), a shipper must consider product characteristics (e.g. temperature, handling, comingling requirements, value), carrier characteristics (e.g. capacity, security, operating authority, geographic footprint, equipment types, transit times by lane, ratings with government agencies, insurance coverage, past performance, customs clearance status), carrier contracts and business volume commitments, to name only a few. Selecting the wrong carrier for a shipment could have devastating consequences including customer service failures, production disruptions, fines, cargo loss, and lawsuits.


  • Selection of the best possible carrier for each individual shipment based upon the factors prioritized by clients in the decision process, incorporating, weighting, and balancing quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Promote consistency and minimize the risk of rogue selection of unqualified carriers
  • Focus improvement efforts through “what-if” analysis of the impact of constraints and weighting on selection outcomes and costs
  • Demonstrate to carriers the importance by helping them understand how past performance is factored into decision making

What We Do

  • Establish criteria, assign weighting, and adhere to client specific parameters that will influence carrier selection
  • Incorporate and adhere to government regulations
  • Monitor on-going carrier qualification status
  • Upload all relevant carrier contracts and tariffs
  • Recommend expansion of carrier base using our carrier contracts and spot-market capacity, when appropriate
  • Optimize carrier assignment for each shipment including validation of carrier qualification
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