"Logikor works with each client as a partner

on their journey to excellence."

- Takayuki Higashiuchi, President, Toyota Tsusho

"A no-nonsense partner who demands precise performance.

This is hard to find in the Transportation industry. "

- Andy Elkin, Production Control Manager, Toyotetsu, Inc.

"We have utilized a wide range of Logikor services …

all of which have met our objectives and goals."

- Louise Rischel,Traffic & Distribution Manager, Bimeda

"We view Logikor as a most capable,

flexible, client-focused partner."

- Darrell L. Harper, Area Manager North American Services, Supply Chain Mgt., General Dynamics Land Systems

comprehensive logistics.

We deliver sustainable improvements in financial performance to forward-thinking clients through the design and implementation of custom logistics solutions. We offer a broad continuum of services that can be configured to support our client’s overall business strategies and best leverage their resources. We help some of the world’s top companies in a range of industries successfully optimize the flow of materials and information by providing service configurations ranging from stand-alone technology (SaaS) to comprehensive outsourced solutions.

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With our specialized knowledge, proprietary processes, and LOGIKweb technology, we’re experts at helping clients:

Make better decisions

Balance trade-offs in the supply chain by optimizing, modeling, and refining hundreds of logistics levers

Promote collaboration

Work smarter cross-departmentally and throughout their supply chain via powerful business intelligence

Achieve flexibility

Enable cost-effective growth through on-demand, variable-cost resources

Proactively manage risk

Mitigate risk associated with supply chain disruption, economic instability, and the growing threats related to litigation and regulatory compliance.

Let us show you what Logikor can do for you.
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