Company Overview

I have the utmost faith in the abilities of the Logikor team, their experience, and Management's dedication to quality Takayuki Higashiuchi, President Toyota Tsusho

The Logikor team consists of professionals in Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong who are committed to delivering sustainable improvements in profitability for clients through the design and execution of customized logistics solutions.

We leverage the specialized knowledge developed in our combined 100+ years working with Toyota and successfully apply it to a wide range of industries, helping clients move materials, finished product, and information more effectively and efficiently for significant competitive advantage.

We're seasoned experts.

Our staff has played leadership roles in designing, implementing, and refining the supply chains of industry-leading firms like Toyota, General Dynamics, Bosch and Bombardier. Our company is owned and operated by some of the world’s leading experts in the field of logistics. Logikor employees have, on average, more than 10 years of logistics experience.

We think holistically.

Many logistics companies focus solely on moving product from point A to point B as cost-effectively as possible. While this is an important component of a well-run supply chain, it is only the tip of iceberg. The real opportunities to drive positive business results come from optimizing the overall flow of information and materials while considering, balancing, and challenging constraints.

We're flexible.

Every customer is unique, from their industry, culture, capability, and capacity to their goals and strategies. We work to develop a deep understanding of their specific situation and jointly configure customized solutions. Our customers are free to pick and choose which of our services make the most sense for them and then adapt them over time to suit their needs.

We put skin in the game.

We create exceptional customer value and are rewarded with long-term relationships. We do not lock clients into long term contracts or charge up-front fees for most implementations. We do whatever it takes to exceed expectations.

We execute flawlessly.

Our seasoned staff build and follow comprehensive plans. They closely monitor results and proactively take action to address exceptions before they impact our customers.

Leadership Team

Photo of Darryl King

Darryl King

Executive Director
Logikor Group

Has led the growth and international expansion, as well as more than 20 years of logistics experience including executive-level positions supporting Toyota and numerous other global leaders. Holds the following designations: GPLLM, P.Log, CCLP, P.MM and has earned his undergraduate degree from King’s University College.

Photo of Chris Painter

Chris Painter

President of Logikor LLC

Over 20 years of logistics experience including four as Chairman and CEO of a mid-size international 3PL. Has supported companies like Toyota, GM, Bosch, Yamaha, Kubota, Emerson Electric, and Bombardier successfully develop LEAN supply chains. He is a certified P.Log and MBA.

Photo of Craig Maw

Craig Maw

President of Logikor Inc

For nearly the last two decades, he has held senior operations roles in the logistics industry and worked extensively with top global firms. He has expertise in supply chain engineering and optimization, transportation management, cross docking, warehousing, and trucking operations. He has earned his the CCLP designation along with a degree in Materials Management.

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