Transportation Management

"We utilize Logikor daily for LTL, TL, specialized and expedite shipments, secured warehousing and freight management services, all of which have met or exceeded our expectations." - Darrell L. Harper, General Dynamics Land Systems

Great plans are only as good as their execution. We coordinate the flow of materials and information through the entire supply chain, providing visibility and, when things go wrong, we fix them.

By utilizing our transportation management solution, clients are in full control of their freight networks and logistics strategies. Our 24 hour, 365 day/year team of professionals will handle everything from carrier tendering through to proof of delivery, helping you sleep at night.

We can utilize the client’s carriers or our own vast network of thoroughly vetted and cost competitive carrier relationships based upon client preference. We have expertise in managing shipments across all modes as well as the coordination of shipments requiring special permitting (e.g. oversize, explosive).

Clients are empowered to focus more of their time driving strategy and improvement, while we take care of ensuring everything moves according to plan.

We customize our solution to align with each client’s desired level of resource engagement.


  • Increased control, reduced risk and peace of mind
  • Cost reduction through efficiency, reduced carrier rates, improved effectiveness and performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved decision making
  • Capture increased value from better utilizing staff

What We Do

  • Assist in setting up highly efficient workflows, access, and visibility. Users may be segmented into teams and different process steps can show up for each team to complete.
  • 24 / 365 active tracking and management across all modes
  • Procurement
    • Sourcing – We continuously search the market and build strong relationships. We are able to qualify and onboard carriers quickly.
    • Qualification – We fully vet our carriers to ensure they meet our minimum standards and then apply additional qualification elements specific to our client’s needs. We consider factors like operating authorities, permits, FMSCA ratings, insurance coverage. We regularly reassess qualification status.
    • Negotiation – We use numerous methods of securing capacity including volume guarantees, tariffs, and spot-buys.
    • Performance Management – We actively monitor, measure, report, and follow-up on carrier performance. We recognize strong performance and take decisive action with poor performance.
  • Tendering – We tender shipments to the using sophisticated logic and customizable alternative approaches ranging from sequential, timed tenders to mass tenders and postings. We are able to execute the entire tendering process without human intervention using LOGIKweb.
  • Dispatch – We ensure every load starts and finishes on-time and completes everything in between according to plan. We generate and file all necessary shipping documents (e.g. BOLs, AES). We manage any issues that arise including traffic and weather delays.
  • Customizable visibility and reporting that puts the right information in the hands of everyone who needs it in real-time. This includes dashboards, scorecards, alerts, and queries.
  • Leverage SmartPhones, Tablets, and other web-enabled devices to capture event updates and share information. This applies to the carriers, our clients, their suppliers, and partners.
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