Mode Optimization

"Logikor works very hard to find the solutions that suit the customer." - Takayuki Higashiuchi, President Toyota Tsusho, Inc

Among all potential combinations of transportation modes, we identify the lowest cost combination that fulfills each specific shipment’s needs. This involves assessing dozens of factors for every shipment.

Many companies use very basic mode selection criteria that fail to consider all factors and available options. Thus, they often make less than optimal modal decisions which result in adding unnecessary transportation cost and, in some cases, fail to meet the business or client needs.


  • Selection of the lowest cost mode of transport suited to each particular order (freight) while respecting all relevant factors

What We Do

  • Leverage technology to optimize limitless variables and generate a situation specific lowest-cost mode of transport among all available options that meets the shipment parameters. Such variables include:
    • Underlying carrier rates
    • Shipment characteristics like density, size, weight, stackability, stowability, temperature sensitivity, hazard categorization
    • Lead-time available versus mode transit time
    • Available carrier contracted rates and capacity
    • Loading/unloading requirements
    • Insurance requirements
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