Freight Audit & Pay

"Without hesitation we offer our highest regards to their honesty, flexibility, and capacity." - Louise Rischel, Traffic & Distribution Manager, Bimeda

We make sure you pay only what you agreed to pay, when you agreed to pay it, and with as little intervention as possible.

There is often a lot of wasted energy and resources associated with this activity. When managing this function on their own, clients receive countless carrier invoices, all in different formats but generally in hard-copy, each tied to its own contract or rate agreement. The process for validating the terms and conditions for each shipment, whether the shipment was completed, and whether the final charges has been appropriately calculated is quite daunting and cuts across many areas in a business. It’s not uncommon that they end-up paying for another company’s freight, duplicate invoices, inaccurate application of contract rates, and misapplied accessorial charges to name a few. In addition, they can end-up paying early or missing lucrative discounts.


  • Improved profitability through reduced carrier and administrative costs
  • Improved cashflow
  • Visibility to costs for better decision-making
  • Increased claims recoveries
  • Shorter claims resolution times

What We Do

  • Invoice matching done line-by-line electronically or manual. We receive the vast majority of carrier invoices electronically through EDI, web services, HTML, or flat file.
  • Make sure the shipment was contracted by/for our client
  • Ensure the shipment was completed by verifying proof of delivery
  • Confirm charges are appropriately applied according to events and rate agreement
  • Intervention to address any discrepancies or missing information with the carrier
  • Automatic general ledger cost allocation based upon pre-establish method
  • Take advantage of carrier early payment discounts where predetermined client thresholds are met; otherwise pay carriers when due by ACH or check
  • Provide valuable reporting to clients including analysis of rogue spending (non-ideal carrier selected), unauthorized usage, failed matches, and savings opportunities
  • Provide clear online payment status information to carriers – invoice status, past and scheduled payments, duplicate bill information, exception reason and status, remittance advices, billing guidelines
  • Facilitate development of efficient carrier invoicing procedures
  • Field day-to-day carrier invoice inquiries
  • Freight Claims Management:
    • Tightly managed, centralized freight claims processing following mutually developed process
    • Visibility to outstanding claims
    • Reporting for current and historical claims
    • Email updates when claims status changes
    • Centralized, online storage of all claims documents/photos
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