Facility Services

"Logikor's facilities do a great job of consolidating and deconsolidating our shipments and metering our product into our manufacturing process on a just-in-time basis." - Marina Tchourakova, PWO, Inc

We flawlessly perform our supply chain function whether that be consolidation/deconsolidation of shipments, storage, or value-added-services. We provide complete, real-time visibility to the status of materials.

Our facilities play a critical role in our client’s supply chains. When properly integrated into an overall logistics network, they offer tremendous opportunity to reduce cost and risk while increasing end-customer satisfaction.

Owning and managing facilities requires ongoing and sizable investments of time and capital. We provide our clients with access to facility services where they need them using a combination of multi-customer Logikor operations and those of our valued partners. Our clients get the benefit of “elastic facilities” that can scale up or down as well as relocate to meet their needs.


  • Flexibility to scale and relocate facility activities for optimum performance
  • Dramatically reduced transportation costs
  • Reduced inventory and all related costs
  • Minimized overhead and capital investment
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved efficiency
  • Early detection of issues for proactive correction
  • Streamlines the supply chain from point of origin to point of sale

What We Do

  • Consolidate smaller shipments (e.g. LTL) into one larger shipment for economy of transport
  • Deconsolidate large shipments (e.g. truckload, railcar) into smaller lots for delivery
  • Support planned flow-through activity where everything coming inbound is already pre-scheduled for outbound, ensuring everything happens as scheduled
  • Facilitate opportunistic or ad hoc shipping using real-time information exchanges to determine the outbound flow
  • Achieve just-in-time delivery of small-lot shipments to customers and manufacturing facilities while taking advantage of high volume, lower-cost transportation modes
  • Adopt and integrate industry-leading developments in facility design and operations
  • Value-Added-Services for the freight that flows through the facility including inspection, reporting, repackaging, kitting, palletization, sequencing
  • Warehouse storage, bonded and CTPAT certified handling
  • Full IT systems integration with transportation and client systems (e.g. MRP)
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