"Logikor has proved to be a no-nonsense partner who demands precise performance." - Andy Elkin, Production Control Manager, Toyotetsu, Inc.



LOGIKweb is our fully-integrated, customizable, web-based technology solution that enables planning, execution, and improvement in materials and information flow across the entire supply chain.


LOGIKweb offers workflow automation and optimization to all aspects of the supply chain. It also provides seamless linkage between each logistics service element and all external systems. If you can articulate the tangible factors in how a decision is made, we can automate it.

We provide real-time access to the data you want, any way you want it, and from any web-enabled device.

We offer our clients the ultimate in flexibility in how they utilize LOGIKweb technology to best suit their particular situation. Clients can opt for support levels that range from them performing the vast majority of planning and optimization, execution management, and execution activities themselves or they can choose to utilize our people and processes. It’s customizable based upon client-specific priorities, levels of expertise, capacity, and strategies.


  • Effectiveness and consistency through workflow/process structure, system controls (e.g. error-proofing), and electronic communications
  • Efficiency gains via standardization around best-practices, elimination manual steps and duplicated work
  • Better decision-making with real-time, quality information including alerts and dashboards
  • Enhanced collaboration among supply chain participants and no degradation in information exchange
  • Easy but secure access where and when you need it to perform activities
  • Purely variable cost model with no upfront capital expense and complicated IT infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment and scalability
  • Continuous innovation in functionality

What We Do

  • Customize to client situation and constraints (e.g. currencies, nomenclature, languages, features/functions)
  • Configure workflow and rule sets to control the flow of information and activities between functions (e.g. planning, carrier optimization, and dispatch) and companies (e.g. suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, distributors)
  • Utilize multiple data transfer protocols including EDI, XML, flat-files, web services, structured emails
  • Allow drivers to update order status and collect proof-of-deliveries (PODs) from their web-enabled devices
  • 24/7/365 real-time access from anywhere or any device via the internet for authorized users
  • User-level defined web access suited to individual role
  • Technical details:
    • Multiple points of redundancy so that there can be no single point of failure
    • Open architecture for easy connectivity & integration (XML is most common)
    • 99.8% Up-Time over past 12 months
    • SSAS 70 /SSAE16 / and SOX certified data center
    • Level one disaster recovery
    • 128 bit encryption on all internet communications
    • Accessible via web enabled hardware
    • Standard Interfaces with all major ERP/MRPs
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